Walk in My Shoes is an annual walk across Florida every April (Sexual Assault Awareness Month) led by Lauren Book to raise awareness about sexual abuse and to urge those who have been abused that “it’s okay to tell.”

In its inaugural year, fellow survivors and supporters joined Lauren on the 500-mile walk, visiting 16 assault centers on the journey to the Capital from Aventura, Florida, at the house where Lauren’s abuse began.

Due to the efforts of Lauren and those on the Walk, four legislative bills were passed in 2010 to protect sexual abuse victims; more than $190,000 in contributions were raised; more than 50 high-profile endorsements were secured with an additional 30 companies/associations and 49 local law enforcement agencies supported the campaign; and more than more than 75 state, national and international stories were generated.

The 2011 walk will begin March 20 in Key West, Florida and end April 27 in state capitol Tallahassee, a total of 1000 miles walked to raise awareness in 35 days of walking.

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  1. Carole Wolf says:

    Lauren, I want to thank you for taking the time to talk to my Granddaughter yesterday at Flager College. You are a real inspiration to Danielle. She has had a very difficult year since her assault but with the support of Quigley House, her family and friends she is getting stronger each day. I’m so proud of her for being able to come forward now and speak out and help other girls who have been assaulted. You have help so many already. Thank you so much for all you are doing. Will be following you in your walk.

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