Prospecta Clients

Our newest client is Roger Bulger, MD: Healing America

We previously produced a privately published book for Lenox Advisors, a wealth management firm based in New York City, called From Me to We. Here is what Lenox had to say about our work:

“There’s a certain equity, a tangible respect not ordinarily accorded, to those who have written a book. In so competitive a field as financial services, having this as an “arrow in your marketing quiver,” gives the firm a true differentiator.

We did not write the book to gain new clients. We wrote it as a practice management book to gain new Relationship Managers to serve those clients. When a prospective Relationship Manager sees a firm so confident in its business model that it has formalized it in a book, that gives instant credibility and sets us apart from everyone else.

David captained the ship that got us there. From finding the writer and setting expectations to providing suggestions and steering us away from harm, we could not have come away with as good a product had it not been for him. It was a good partnership, with give and take and lots of learning on both ends of the equation. In the end, David’s professionalism comes through on every page.”