Healing America

Healing America: Hope, Mercy, Justice and Autonomy in the American Health Care System
by Roger J. Bulger, MD

“One of America’s most outstanding physicians and medical educators writes about his experience as patient and how the lessons he has learned can help to guide health system reform. From one who has taught so many lessons in his brilliant career, Roger conveys lessons out of his experience as a patient – lessons which should help to shape our future and the future of our health system. This is a great book for all members of the healthcare team! It can change the way we think and act.” — David Satcher, M.D., Ph.D., Director, The Satcher Health Leadership Institute and Center of Excellence on Health Disparities, Poussaint-Satcher-Cosby Chair in Mental Health, Morehouse School of Medicine, 16th Surgeon General of the United States

Roger is still able to `see around corners’ and now we know how and why. He captures the power of the health care system, then and now, from the sum total of the individual formed by family, education, experiences, social values, professional values, and economic status. He writes from the perspective of the often forgotten person in the healthcare system, the patient. His descriptions are touching and poignant. His views insightful and prophetic – a great read for all. ” – Barbara Ross-Lee, M.D., CEO, Academic Health Centers and President of Faculty Practice Plan, New York Institute of Technology

“Following Hippocrates, `when the physician comes to the patient,’ Roger Bulger once again provides us with a deeply felt and extremely informed treatise on the Healing of America. Notably, to say the least, his watchwords include compassion and mercy. Were we to listen to the admonitions and suggestions of Roger Bulger, health care in America would leave the arena of the nastily conflictual and enter that of a helping profession, for everyone.” — John J. McDermott, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Humanities in Medicine, Texas A&M University

Paperback Original – $16.95
Publication Date: August 24, 2010


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