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d8c81bf7-c9c6-dec5-ce28-c279deb56546Bits: A Comedy Writer’s Screams of Consciousness
By Kenny Solms, with Preface by Carol Burnett
Hardcover – 176 pages – 978-1-63226-016-1 – February 24, 2015 – $19.95
eBook – ISBN 978-1-63226-017-8 – $9.99

“Kenny Solms is a comic treasure and we’re all rich bitches because of him” – Joan Rivers

“I wish Kenny was this funny when I was paying him.”
— Carol Burnett

Anne Frank wrote her diary. A yawn. Alex Haley wrote about his roots. A snooze. The Bible. What a bore! But what do all these have in common? That’s obvious. They’re not funny and the people they wrote about aren’t current. Where’s Bieber? Jolie? Beyonce? That’s who people want to read about and laugh about. Celebrities! And not written by the celebrities themselves. What do they know? If they were smart, they wouldn’t have become celebrities in the first place. Who really knows their stories? 

It’s the writer! The guy who was there in the trenches, the guy who made them famous in the first place. Actors and actresses didn’t write their lines. It was the writer! 

Who knew these stars before they became egomaniacs? Before they even knew the difference between Calistoga and Evian? The difference between dark chocolate or milk? Who told them what to say and how to say it? Writers, writers, writers! 

Kenny Solms has seen them all. He wrote and schmoozed with the best of them. Co-creating the Carol Burnett Show in the late 60s, he’s written for practically all of them. (However, he has yet to meet Leonardo DiCaprio).  Solms wrote their movies, their TV shows….even their “spontaneous” quotes. From the greats like Jack Benny and George Burns to Willard Scott and downwards. But then back up again. And that’s quite a leap. 

A funny romp that takes you from Philadelphia to Hollywood. A cruise behind the Hollywood scenes, down the freeways, up the canyons and then some. From variety shows to sitcoms, from big star specials to Broadway, he shares his roller coaster ride from writing tacky one-liners to creating TV classics. And what a ride! Jump in the passenger seat and share it with him.

Author Kenny Solms is the one whose bits Lucille Ball uttered. He got Bill Cosby his laughs. Sure, he might have made millions doing it and garnered a few Emmys as well, but is he cocky? Not remotely. In this Hollywood “tell-all” book, he documents his rise from the Emmy award-winning “Carol Burnett Show” to his doldrums writing for Hugh Hefner’s “Roller Disco-Rama Plus a Preview of the Playmate of the 80s.” From the booms to the boobs. From the genius of Michael Jackson to the hilarity of Joan Rivers, Solms seems to know everybody. Streisand, Sammy Davis Jr., Neil Diamond. He’s written for them all. Even the Muppet, Miss Piggy, who he claims was a bitch.

Kenny Solms is an accomplished comedy writer in both television and theater. He co-created the Carol Burnett Show, wrote and produced many comedy specials with stars including Joan Rivers, Mary Tyler Moore, Lily Tomlin, Bing Crosby, Kelsey Grammer and many more.

Sills and Burnett at the Met won him the Peabody Award; Burnett Discovers Domingo, the Montreaux Prize and he also wrote and produced the Emmy Award-winning Neil Diamond special, Hello Again. He wrote Lorelei for Broadway production, Perfectly Frank and What the World Needs Now,and off-Broadway, the successful revue It Must be Him.



Light Atonement
By Ariyana ~ a star child ~

March 24, 2015
224 pages, 5 x 8
Hardcover – $24.95 US / $27.95 CN ISBN: 978-1-63226-028-4
Paperback – $16.50 US / $18.50 CN ISBN: 978-1-63226-029-1
E-book $9.99 US / $10.99 CN ISBN: 978-1-63226-030-7

In the spirit of life-changing books such as The Celestine Prophecy, Embraced by the Light, and The Other Side and Back, Light Atonement takes the reader on a journey that is by turns inspirational, mind-expanding, and spectacular. Ariyana chronicles her transition from an ordinary life of business success, marriage, and motherhood to an extraordinary spiritual quest—a quest that takes her to realms beyond the earth and reveals astonishing secrets from her past.
Ariyana embarks on this quest because she senses she has a larger purpose. Through mediation, psychics, crystals, and other means, Ariyana develops her abilities and begins unraveling the mystery of this purpose. Traveling to other dimensions and planets, Ariyana has moments of transcendence and enlightenment. But she also must bear a huge physical and emotional burden as she prepares herself for her mission.
This mission is huge and far-reaching, and in a startling series of revelations Ariyana discovers what it involves. Along the way, she shares her hard-earned wisdom and offers reflections that will help the reader find the meaning and fulfillment that is often so elusive.
Ariyana is on an amazing journey. Travel with her and experience a world beyond imagining.

Ariyana is an author, channeler, healer, consultant, and philanthropist. She was a successful businesswoman who left her position as the president of a multimillion-dollar furniture company to pursue her life’s purpose, and she has been chosen to bring a message of hope and salvation to mankind. With angels and guides at her side, Ariyana brings information from many other dimensions to change the destructive path this Earth is on. Her teaching returns us to our true essence of love and oneness. Through the “Light Language,” she channels her star family (Angels). Her voice carries many levels of messages, light, and energy to penetrate all the energy fields of people who listen.