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The business of publishing is undergoing a rapid and significant transition. Traditional models are no longer functional for many books and their creators. Commercial publishers are simply unable to publish many of the best quality books that are offered to them.

At the same time, books continue to provide a powerful cultural value. They signify meaning and authority. They can represent a brand, or extend one. They can open doors that would otherwise be closed. They are unmatched as marketing platforms and can often lead to direct business growth for their creators.

Authors and content creators, particularly those with defined and targeted audiences, or content with a high value to an identified market need a publisher with the skills, talents, knowledge and experience to bring content into marketable form, access markets, and create a recognizable, high-value brand. A flexible, innovative, marketing minded publisher will support their content and help content owners achieve their own market goals.

Content owners need a publisher that can help them reach audiences in new and innovative ways. A publisher that understands the evolving universe of communication and culture, maintains editorial standards and adapts to new market conditions. A publisher that defines the future for its clients, works with them for mutual gain and success, and builds a business model that reflects the values the creator’s work espouses.

Prospecta Press makes a complete range of publishing opportunities available to corporations, businesses, business leaders, consultants, non-profits and other organizations, as well as authors of fiction and nonfiction, in an outsourced publishing services model. While maintaining traditionally high editorial, production, distribution, sales and marketing standards, Prospecta provides content owners with the access and speed to market they need for book and other long form content to be meaningful to its target audiences.

Prospecta works with Perseus Distribution to provide our books with the sales, marketing and distribution reach that traditional publishing has provided, while at the same time offering all the benefits a flexible, author-centric publisher can offer.

If you have a book to publish or simply want to explore how book publishing can work to serve your needs, please contact David Wilk, President,

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David Wilk, with over 35 years of experience in every aspect of publishing, book sales, distribution, and marketing is the President of Prospecta Press.

Barbara Aronica-Buck, a book designer with years of major publisher experience manages production and design.

Prosek Partners, a full-service international communications consultancy offers unmatched
expertise and creativity for business-related projects.

Perseus Books, partners with Prospecta Press in the provision of publishing services, including digital printing and e-book production. Perseus warehousing and distribution resources are singular in their flexibility and experience.

A key feature of Prospecta’s business model is the utilization of editorial staff trained in commercial business publishing, and the commitment both to clients and sales markets to publish only books that reach widely accepted commercial standards for editorial content, style and production values. Every book published will be one that we, and our clients will be proud to publish.